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Top 10 Highest Paid World Leaders

You may think that those wishing to suffer extreme public scrutiny while making decisions that affect millions of citizens would demand the big bucks, but when it comes to pay, many world leaders look like chumps compared to the CEOs of many corporations.

(Editor’s Note: These figures do NOT INCLUDE what these people earn additionally through business ventures. lobbyist kickbacks, etc. Also take into account that they rarely spend any of their own money on travel, clothing and food whilst they are in Government)

10. Yoshihiko Noda

Country: Japan

Remuneration: US$273,676

9. Angela Merkel

Country: Germany

Remuneration: US$283,608

8. Julia Gillard

Country: Australia

Remuneration: US$286,752

(A Closer Look…

There are various opinions on what our Prime Minister should be paid, but Julia Gillard’s annual compensation puts her among the highest paid government leaders in the world.

While Gillard remains in office she is permitted access to the Lodge in Canberra which comes with and a team of servants including chefs, child minders and house attendants. While travelling overseas she stays in plush accommodation and is transported by a specially converted Boeing Business Jet from the RAAF’s No.34 squadron. Upon retirement, our PM’s compensation will include a pension of over A$100,000 a year, free air travel anywhere in Australia, personal staff, cars and office space.)

7. Mary McAleese

Country: Ireland

Remuneration: US$287,900

6. Stephen Harper

Country: Canada

Remuneration: US$296,400

5. Nicolas Sarkozy

Country: France

Remuneration: US$302,435

4. Barack Obama

Country: United States

Remuneration: US$400,000

3. Raila Odinga

Country: Kenya

Remuneration: US$427,886

2. Donald Tsang

Country: Hong Kong

Remuneration: US$513,245

1. Lee Hsien Loong

Country: Singapore

Remuneration: US$2,183,516

(Source: Yahoo!)

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