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US to Double Its Occupying Forces In Australia

As the world power structure changes, and China emerges as the favorite to be the replacement for the USA as the world superpower, the US has announced a deal with Australia to double the number of US troops on US Bases in the occupied territory of Australia.

This deal ensures the US will have a strategic military vantage point, should it see the need to wage war against China, and perhaps liberate the Chinese, just as they have liberated countries such as Iraq.

Here we see two peas in a pod, they may have even been separated at birth. US State Secretary John Kerry and Australian Foreign Minister Julia Bishop, sealing the fate of Australians as helpless, yet involved, pawns,  should the need to liberate China arise. Bishop is the one on the right, wearing the serpent brooch.

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Israel Breaks Gaza Truce by Killing 27 Innocents.

Who saw this coming? In an attempt to justify the murder of at least 27 more Palestinians, and the maiming of 150 others, Israel has claimed that ‘Hamas” fired a rocket, shortly after the truce had begun.

AFP correspondents said the artillery barrage of the southern city of Rafah was ongoing, preventing medics from recovering the dead and wounded.

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Do you remember the infamous “Underwear Bomber”? He was the justification needed to place X-ray machines and groping sessions at US and many other airports around the world.

Newscorp is reporting that the reason Nigerian born Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab  was unsuccessful in his attempt, was because his underwear was dirty.

Nigerian terrorist hopeful Abdulmutallab; or “Mr Poopy Pants” as he is known in terror circles.

"Transportation Security Administration John Pistole told the Aspen Institute this week the device failed because of the length of time Abdulmutallab had worn the same pair of underwear.
“Thank goodness for bad hygiene,” he said.”

Abdulmutallab, 27, pleaded guilty in 2012 and was sentenced to life in prison.
He’s being held at the super-maximum security United States Penitentiary Florence ADMAX in Colorado, where presumably he is provided with a fresh set of underwear every day, unless they are hoping to prevent more terror attacks.

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German Astronaut Alexander Gerts captured the view of the genocide of the Palestinian people by Israeli forces and posted it to Twitter, describing it as his “saddest photo yet”.
Alexander Gerst ✔ @Astro_Alex
My saddest photo yet. From #ISS we can actually see explosions and rockets flying over #Gaza & #Israel

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Malaysian Airlines plane crash: Russian military unveil data on MH17 incident over Ukraine (FULL)

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Despite the desperate and rather transparent attempts by Western political leaders, and their faithful corporate media, to connect Russian President Vladimir Putin and the "Pro-Russian" rebels (as they are always described by the Anti-Russian media), to the alleged shoot down of Maylasian Airlines flight MH17, we are yet to see one piece of evidence to support the suggestion.

Initial concerns by the west that Putin would not cooperate with an international investigation, have proven to be unfounded and baseless, and Russia has been the most forthcoming of any nation, with valuable data for the investigators.


As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Russia has presented actual radar telemetry of M-17 and two other passenger jets with transponder signals identifying them. It shows M-17 changing it’s course to go into hostile missile territory. There are also two military jets identified as UKR Su-25’s in close proximity of MH17 at the time of the alleged shoot down.

This evidence, which is the most concrete of any to date, completely contradicts the unfounded claims by western sources that the rebel forces used a 1980’s era BUK that had been provided by Putin, to shoot down flight MH17.

The Ukraine military has sixty BUKs in their arsenal, and they have shot down passenger jets in the past, proving their ability to do so. The rebels on the other hand, are not known to even possess one BUK, or have any experience in using such weaponry.

You do the math.

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Bill Clinton Repeats Reagan’s Alien Overlord Vision

A visit from UFO’s could be the answer to world peace - Bill Clinton


“If we were visited someday, I wouldn’t be surprised, I just hope it’s not like Independence Day, the movie, that it’s a conflict. May be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours. If they’re out there, think of how all the differences among people on earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader”

These are the words spoken by former US President Bill Clinton, on a recent episode of the Jimmy Kimmel show.

The mainstream media are dismissing it as a joke, however his comments eerily mirror those of Ronald Reagan, from 1987.

"In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside of this world. And yet I ask - is not an alien force already among us? "

This is not the first time that Clinton has discussed his interest in Alien visitations and UFO’s. In September 2005 the UFO crash at Roswell again appeared in Bill Clinton’s life, but this time he brought it up in response to a question which had nothing to do with UFOs but rather the idea of “secrets being passed from president to president.” The question came to President Clinton in a question and answer session following a speech made to the CLSA in Hong Kong.

Clinton in reply began speaking about Roswell:

"Well I don’t know if you all heard this, but, there was actually, when I was president in my second term, there was an anniversary observance of Roswell. Remember that? People came to Roswell, New Mexico from all over the world. And there was also a site in Nevada where people were convinced that the government had buried a UFO and perhaps an alien deep underground because we wouldn’t allow anybody to go there. And uhm… I can say now, ‘cause it’s now been released into the public domain…. This place in Nevada was really serious, that there was an alien artifact there. So I actually sent somebody there to figure it out."

"I did attempt to find out if there were any secret government documents that revealed things. If there were, they were concealed from me too. And if there were, well I wouldn’t be the first American president that underlings have lied to, or that career bureaucrats have waited out. But there may be some career person sitting around somewhere, hiding these dark secrets, even from elected presidents. But if so, they successfully eluded me…and I’m almost embarrassed to tell you I did (chuckling) try to find out."

Just some light hearted joking around, or are we being prepared for something more?

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After global condemnation, the BBC claims it accidentally used a picture taken in Iraq in 2003, to illustrate the alleged massacre of children in Syria, in 2013



Photographer Marco di Lauro said he nearly “fell off his chair” when he saw the image being used, and said he was “astonished” at the failure of the corporation to check their sources.

The picture, which was actually taken on March 27, 2003, shows a young Iraqi child jumping over dozens of white body bags containing skeletons found in a desert south of Baghdad.

It was posted on the BBC news website today under the heading “Syria massacre in Houla condemned as outrage grows”.

This is yet another example of the lies and propaganda that is fed to us by the mainstream media every day of our lives. Is the Syrian Government really as evil as the mainstream media wants you to believe? Ask yourself this, if things are as bad in Syria as we are being told, then why do they need to use fake images?